Video Conferencing in the Caribbean Region

The Caribbean region is characterized by a multitude of relatively independent islands. Universities, Schools, utility organisations, housing foundations and numerous other organisations may benefit from local knowledge sharing with their peers. Until recently, knowledge sharing and meeting peers required intensive air travel.

Apart from time and costs involved, the environmental impact (Carbon dioxide emissions) is considerable and of increasing importance.

Anno 2012 a technical sound solution is available: High Definition Video Conferencing. Replace 50% of your current travel movements, invest in video conferencing and benefit instantly of the benefits:

  • On average 50% reduction in idle (travel) time.
  • On average a cost reduction of 30%.
  • Significantly increased quality of communications

My Consultant has extensive experience with teleconferencing. We have more than 9 year experience with telephone call meetings and more than 5 years with video conferencing in Europe.

Now we put this experience available to sectoral organisations in the Caribbean region.

Services provided in the course of 2012:

  • Public Video Conferencing rooms
    (Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire and St. Maarten)
  • Distant Lecturing + interaction with students
  • Laptop/Client based HD Video Conferencing Facilities
  • Workshop: Increase your communication quality with 100%,
    simultaneously reduce your travel costs/travel time spent with 50%
    (One half day session on location)
  • Workshop: Get the most out of your video conferencing meetings
    (Two half day sessions, the first session on location, the second one
    as a video conference)

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