Dutch Services

My Consultant served customers with some mindsetting changes, resulting in structural improvements. Ron Oei delivered assignments at Rijnstate Hospital Group, GGZ WNB, and ANWB. The majority of the assignments concerned interim management assignments which all of them, after an initial period, were extended one or more times. Further more My Consultant was consulted by GreenLightning and the Foundations HAPIN and Wereldconsument for advise on a variety of topics.

An executive at ANWB:

As an interim manager, Ron has brought stability in the software department. He found his way around quickly in this complex end political environment. He is very able in making connections with the employees and the environment.

Also, he fulfilled is role as an Management Team member very well. He is positive, gives feedback which matters, reflects well and has a good helicopter view.

It was very pleasant to have Ron aboard, with a fresh and new vision.